Q: I just picked up 2 new bettas. They're in a hex tank, but they are always fighting (gills flaring etc). I've tried to feed them, but they ignore it. Will they eat eventually or fight until exhausted?

Question submitted by Jordan, Santa Fe - NM

A: Earth to Jordan: What part of NEVER PUT TWO MALES TOGETHER IN THE SAME ENCLOSURE did you not understand? What part of Siamese FIGHTING fish did you not grasp? >8[]

OK, I am going to assume you just forgot to mention that there is a partition in the tank. Yes? If there is no partition in your tank your bettas will die. You CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT , EVER EVER put two males in the same tank, not even if it is a 500 gallon tank. Get it? They will keep fighting and tearing each other until one dies. The other will by then be so worn out from the fight and probably also wounded that it is likely to also die shortly after. 

Now let's assume you are smart and simply forgot to mention that there is a partition to keep them separate but they can see each other and are simply displaying all day long (as opposed to "fighting"). I have found that bettas are healthier when allowed to flare and display to one another. After a few days, they will slow it down and take breaks LOL. For now, it will be necessary to slide something between them so they cannot see each other an hour before feeding time. Give them a chance to calm down a bit. Your local fish store should have plastic decorative backgrounds for fish tanks. Usually are used outside the tank in the back to make a pretty background for the tank. Usually have aquatic plants photos on them or solid blue. Either way is fine as long as it is the plastic ones. They sell by the foot and are cheap. Get enough to cut a piece and slide it inside the tank against the partition and cover it all. Use a couple plastic paper clips to hold it up. . It has worked for me. Make sure when you remove it to keep it in a very clean area, or inside a plastic bag so it doesn't get contaminated, since you will be submerging it in the tank again. As your bettas get used to each other they will display less and become more interested in food and then no need for the visual block. Goodluck!