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Bettas don't live in a vacuum, so if you are going to call yourself a betta hobbyist, you are going to have to familiarize yourself with all the STUFF you will have to, as some point, consider purchasing for your betta.

And there is a lot of STUFF.

How will you know what to put in your shopping cart and what to leave on the pet store shelves? So many products, so little budget, how can you choose? :) What does your betta really need and what is completely useless? What will you use on a regular basis and what will just sit at the bottom of a drawer for eternity?

Well, that is where I step in.

Behold, let confusion be immediately diffused, as I shed some (bright) light into the world of betta supplies and give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. Brand names, product description, in many cases approximate prices and even photos. So you will be able to recognize the products immediately when you go to the store ( I rule.... :))   ).

Scroll down the page to read it all, or select (from the list to the left) the specific supplies you need and jump to that section.

You will love me forever for having put this page together. :)


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Microworm cultures: 

Microworms are the food of choice for fry between 3 and 30 days old.  With a minimum of care, your culture will last you like, forever. A must have for all new breeders out there. My advice to you is: donít even think of spawning without a culture going. Culture are not available at your fish store so to get one you have to either know a local breeder who could give you a starter culture, or you can try to surf the net and see if someone out there sells them.  If you are planning on buying bettas from me, you need not concern yourself with going on a difficult microworm crusade, because they automatically are included with your betta order, free of charge. Cause I know that without them, you'd be SOL. So I get you all taken care of :). , click here 

Vinegar eel cultures:

Simple to set up, easy to maintain, the Vinegar eels is a great complement to the microworm diet. Vinegar eels are slightly smaller than microworms and the cultures are almost crash proof. Further more vinegar eels swim around in the tank instead of lying at the bottom, so they provide a nice stimulus to the fry who chase after them. And guess what? The snails can't eat them unless they have died and sank to the bottom :)) ! I think this is a nice complement to a microworm culture and this way if your microworms are not climbing, you can always fall back onto your vinegar eels and not lose your newly hatched fry. I do not recommend Vinegar Eel culture as only food as experiments have proved that problems did develop from too much vinegar eel in the diet. Also they can be a bit hard to harvest, so keep them as a back - up and/or to offer some food variety. See our very interesting E-Magazine article on how to harvest them best.

Daphnia cultures:

For years now Daphnias have been used to keep lakes and ponds clean. That is because they feed on junk such as: algae particles, leftover food and best of all BACTERIA! (love them Daphnias!!) So now you can have your own little pest control/ cleaning crew in your fry tank. Their eggs hatch in only two days and so they multiply fast. They are easy to keep and best of all  Daphnia will never harm fry and fry will initially leave them alone until fry are old enough and large enough to eat all the daphnia. Adult daphnia in your fry tank will  reproduce and baby daphnia is small enough to be chased and eaten by small fry. So you also have your own automatic feeders in our fry tank. The only drawback is that daphnia cultures can be unstable, meaning they do great one week and all die the next. So once again they cannot replace the good old reliable microworm culture, but can be great as another source of protein and high fiber for your fry. Finding daphnia cultures is also going to be a real hassle, but I am sure someone out there sells them, so surf and you shall find. :). Daphnia do not travel very well and I recommend ordering them when the weather is moderate, like in early fall or late spring. Also I recommend choosing a fast delivery method (express etc..)

Snail cultures:  (not a betta food, but a betta fry best friend)

Snails are a fry's best friends. They eat all the junk off the fry tank's bottom and greatly reduce the ammonia and nitrite levels in your fry tanks. Snails hate salt so you must not add salt to your fry tank if you are going to put snails in them. Snails  will usually promptly multiply in your tanks. The only draw back is that they can carry diseases so beware of where you get them from!  Do not purchase snails at your local pet store, they are kept with fish which carry diseases! In general I have never had a problem with my snails, but I got them from a very very very clean store. 

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San Fransisco Bay Brand freeze-dried bloodworms or brine shrimp

This is the best freeze-dried food on the market and the only freeze-dried food I feed my bettas. They love it. It is easy to feed especially in jar situations, does not sink or cloud the water, and when crushed between your fingers, this food is great for fry 6 weeks or older. The freeze-dried process locks all the nutrients in the food.  It's almost like feeding live food, less the bacteria and the parasites (that's the part I like best). Unlike frozen food which can still carry bacteria and internal parasites, the freeze-dried food is sterile and will not cause a bacterial or parasite outbreak in your fishroom. It is also very easy to add a drop of vitamins to it, because the freeze-dried food will soak up the vitamins without falling apart.

The only problem is that freeze-dried bloodworms can get pretty darn expensive to buy at your local fish store. I recommend staying away from the small packs of 1 g of freeze-dried bloodworms  ($1.99 to $2.99 :(   ) and getting a larger can instead. It won't go bad and will be (proportionally) MUCH cheaper that way. 

San Fransisco Bay Brand freeze-dried plankton

(28g) portion

A varied well balanced diet is a most important ingredient to your betta's health. My bettas have approved the addition of this new product to the Breeder's Market page :). Easy to crush between your finger, the freeze dried plankton smells good and my bettas went for it with a smile on their little fishy faces. Suitable for all adult bettas. A good product to add to your next food order. Careful, there are some sharp parts to the plankton's shell, and it may sting your fingers if you crush too hard. (aoutch!).

  Tetra's freeze-dried daphnia (14g)       

This new product, which was just reviewed on the BETTATALK radio show, will provide your bettas  with the fiber they so greatly need, especially if you feed them live worms. Highest fiber content amongst all freeze dried foods. Will not sink or pollute, low in fat. Feed once a week to your bettas to improve digestion and prevent bloating and swimbladder problems. Drawback: Many bettas won't eat it (fussy fussy fussy!). Best when fed in the context of a community tank where fish compete for food and tend to gobble up ANYTHING before their siblings get to it. (in this case, a good thing :)) ).


  BettaMin (.81 oz)        

  For those of you who got pet store bettas who won't eat anything else,  or if you only have a couple of bettas, this might be a good food option for you. This food is specifically designed for bettas. I personally wouldn't feed a betta only that, and certainly would never attempt to raise fry on Bettamin.

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  product: store price

Tetra's whole daphnia treats

Comes in a box. Each box has several pouches, individually sealed for freshness, containing a rich gel filled with whole daphnia, a nice addition to your betta's diet. Since Daphnia cannot be found frozen  and not everybody has the patience to get a live culture going, I thought it would be cool to mention this convenient product here. 


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  Bettamax   (10 caps)

My all time favorite disease preventative! :) Also great all around betta medication especially after spawning breeders to prevent wound infections etc... Not so good with serious nasty diseases (lacks muscle) :)

Penicillin (10 caps)

Great for some stubborn cases of flesh rot

Kanacyn  (10 caps)

Recommended all around anti bacterial product.

Tetracycline  (10 caps)

My number 1 most used medication for any bacterial outbreak. a MUST have.

Super sulfa  (10 caps)

Fin rot and other fin problems

Neosulfex  (10 caps)

Great for fin rot (also sulfa based).

Ampicillex  (10 caps)

Great for popeye and advanced fin and body rot. I use it a lot.

Hex-a-mit   (10 caps)

The only internal parasite cure out there. Another MUST have for any betta breeder, especially if you feed live food to your bettas.

Vitamix Plus (1 oz concentrated formula)

Packed with essential vitamins (including vitamin E for breeding and Bs for fin growth and regeneration) and minerals. Super potent: 1 drop per gallon is all you need. Great for stimulating fry growth or conditioning breeders.

  MARDEL LINE store price

Maroxy   (1 oz.)

Great product to prevent egg fungus and good all around disease preventative

    Maracide   (1 oz.)

Clears Velvet super fast! I love this product

  JUNGLE  LINE store price

Fungus Eliminator  (2.1/2 oz.)

The best product for fin rot in my opinion. The crystal form makes it easy to treat jarred bettas! 


Still the best ich treatment I know. Use as a preventative and add every time you condition your water to stop parasites cold in their tracks ;).



Also heavy duty external parasite great medication



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  product: store price

Methylene Blue  (4 oz.)

Can't call yourself a breeder if you don't have a bottle of Methy Blue somewhere in your fishroom!! Use when receiving new stock or anytime the betta's health might be in question. This is a good disease preventative and can be used every time you add new water. Will not hurt fish. 1 drop per 1/4 jar OK (I do it all the time).


Wide Spectrum Tonic   (4 oz.)

 A life saver when your bettas look "unhappy" but you are not sure why. 
This stuff hits all three bacterial, fungal and parasites in a "triple-whammy-death- to-the-enemy" fashion that usually gets my bettas back to normal pronto. Use it as a preventative or when things turn sour in your fishroom. I very very highly recommend this product. Not suitable to treat advanced stages of a disease, but great to prevent or to treat an unidentified ailment.


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   product: store price


Spawning tank large sponge filter 

Includes air stone and wide stem. Fry safe: the sponge material is so fine it makes it impossible for even the smallest fry to get stuck in the filter. Weighted, will not rise to the top. Ideal for 5 to 10 gal spawning tanks.
Note: Not my favorite.



Spawning tank 'small world' corner filter (Pennplax)

I use these all the time and personally swear by them. They are the perfect height for a half filled spawning tank. Include suction cups to keep it secured. Come with one cartridge filled with carbon and filtering media.
Note: Yop, this one IS my favorite :).



Pennplax mini corner filter cartridges
(pack of 2)

refills for the Pennplax mini corner filter. Filled with carbon and a sponge. Should be replaced once a month or so.



Submersible heater 25 W


Visi Therm are my all time favorite heaters. They are high quality, robust, accurate and reliable. Knob is easy to turn even when heater gets old. Ultra powerful suction cups just won't let go. But the best feature is the visual thermostat which allows you to dial visually the desired temp. This is my heater of choice for my spawning tanks. PS: You still must use a regular thermometer in conjunction with this heater.



Floating thermometer

These are what I use. Simple, effective, inexpensive. Float, so can adapt to any water level, which is a big plus. Never put a heater in a small tank without a thermometer!! You can cook your bettas real easy if you don't monitor the temps carefully !



Digital thermometer

These get affixed to the outside of the tanks. Not my favorite, but some people prefer them so I thought I'd offer them here. Their advantage is that they cannot break, so if you are the clumsy kind, maybe you should stick to these :)).


Stress Zyme   (8 oz.)

This will allow your spawning tank to cycle pronto, and will avoid an abrupt rise in the Nitrite levels which usually causes the fry to die. Add it when you first set up your fry tank. Should also be used when setting up a new tank (regardless of the tank's size) or to give a boost to an older tank's filter. I recommend it.



Black water extract (3.38 oz)

Will get bettas to spawn. Helps keep water soft and recreate the natural conditions encountered in the wild. Works good, I always use it.




Water of the world - S.E ASIA

This is a brand new product on the market, which is very promising because it was designed especially to recreate the native water of our Betta Splendens (even has a photo of a betta on it :)  ). I have not yet tried it but know some good breeders who are using it as we speak. I say: Give it a shot!




Initially add a drop per gallon to your spawning tank when eggs are laid.  Will create a bloom of micro organism which the small betta fry will feed on. Good product, but don't overdose or it will pollute your tank! 


Small fish saver   ( 2 oz.)

Prevents fungus from attacking your betta's eggs :). Also prevents small fry from being attacked by fungus. It is really a good idea to have this product at hand when spawning.


Also check: air pumps, airline tubing and gang valves you will need to fire up the spawning filters, as well as cleaning supplies to clean your fry tanks and test kits to monitor your fry water quality.   

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                   There are too many brands and sizes to cover them all here, so I picked my favorite ones (which I use and have tested through the years)

store price
Elite 799 air pump

Small pump with good lungs :) perfect for a beginner's needs. Can take up to 3 spawning tanks, maybe more.

Elite 802 air pump

Quiet and powerful about twice more air output than the 799. 

Elite Optima air pump

The BIG daddy of the Elite line, I love this one  and have 15 spawning tanks hooked up to it. Could hook up more. It is super quiet, has a big knob to control air flow. I highly recommend it. Comes with spare diaphragm :).


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   air pump accessories store price
Airline tubing   (by the foot)

Buy only as much as you really need. May save you money. You just have to ask your fishstore for it cause they usually keep it behind their counter (hence hidden from the innocents and the clueless LOL)

20 cents
Airline control 11 piece kit 

Includes 4-T valves, 5 air control valves, 2 suction cups, so you are covered. You can do all kinds of crazy air control maneuvers with this great weapon!! :) Don't go to battlefield without it LOL.

PennPlax  gang valves- 2 way valve (up to 5 way valve)

Allows you to regulate airflow, a must with bettas especially when setting up a breeding tank. This one has a feature that allows it to easily hang from tank's edge. Easy to adjust air control knobs. Lasts. Good quality/price ratio :). My valve of choice. 

Pictured left: a 3-way Pennplax gang valve.

Air stones (2 units)

I really shouldn't have to explain this one, but just in case you are retarded (LOL) this is the little thingie that makes little bubbles in the water (woaw!!!) (cool dude!). Since one has to replace them often, I suggest the basic, simple and inexpensive ones. The fancy ones cost 6 times more and poop out on you just as fast ;). (or faster??) >:((

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Too many filters on the market to cover them all but this is my brand of choice:



store price
  Penguin filters with bio wheel 

These are very good filters that seem to last forever. I have never had one die on me yet. I personally use the big daddy of the line (330), which has two chambers, two wheels and two filter media (double trouble for bacteria hehehehehe). Keep in mind that I use large tanks. Your filter should always be proportionate to your filter size. Too small of a filter on a tank is a recipe for disaster. It will not cycle enough water each hour to clean the volume of water and bacteria, nitrite, etc will rise and eventually kill your fish. On the other hand, too large a filter will move too much water and stress fish from too much water current and movement. In short, if your bettas are all desperately clinging with both pectorals to your plastic plants, with panicked looks on their faces, trying to to get sucked in the siphon you created, you have a size problem LOL. Cause size does matter ;). In this case however, bigger is not necessarily better :P.

may cost up to

Mini Penguin filter with bio wheel 

I mention this model cause it is a suitable filter for a breeding tank: As the fry grow up inside your 10 gal spawning tank, now looking like small bettas, the small corner filter or sponge filter is no longer efficient enough to clean the fry tank. You need to upgrade the filter. Filter must be small, yet very efficient, and offer complete control over the flow, so you can reduce it as much as you need to alleviate water disturbance. The Mini Penguin Power Filter with bio wheel will do the trick.  I highly recommend filters with a bio wheel,  it really takes care of ammonia and nitrites and keeps water real clean. Warning: Do not use a power filter unless the fry are at least 1 inch long or more.

Mini Penguin filter cartridge (3 pack)

These are the manufacturer's original cartridges. Come 3 to a pack. Expensive as hell. (*##@ !!! %$#***&!@@##)


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store price
PenPlaxx net 3" 

My net size of choice for fishing bettas out of bowls or barracks. Deep so betta won't fall out, extra soft mesh material will not hurt the scales. I like :)! Second nature is no longer making these nets :((( so I now get the PenPlaxx ones, which are very similar in softness. 

  PenPlaxx soft net 5" 

This is the one I use for doing water changes on my jars. Deep so betta won't fall out, extra soft mesh material won't hurt the scales or delicate finnage while manipulating the betta, and plastic hook for easy hanging. I highly recommend.


Second Nature brine shrimp net 4" 

A must have to wash your icky slimy smelly live worms. (yuk). 


 Fishnet disinfectant

 10 drops in a 1/2 gal jar will disinfect all your fish nets. Just "dip 'em & rinse 'em"  for an overnight treatment that will keep your nets free of diseases and prevent the spread of bacteria, fungus and parasites through your fishroom. A must do before each jar cleaning session :), and a must have if you care about your betta's health. WARNING: Highly poisonous so keep away from pets that might decide to drink from the fishnet tub (and get stiff on you :(((  ).


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store price

a young black marble male inside the betta display is visited and courted by a female outside the display (swimming in the forefront). Front clearance is wide enough that no betta (even fat ones LOL)  will ever get stuck while swimming between the display and the tank.



They are a double edge sword. They can be useful to keep a male or two in the community tank, but most of the displays out there are way too small :((. Beware of the ones with suction cups. Invariably these will wear out and no longer hold, the display will sink and the males will go on a big 'Seek and Destroy' rampage before you have a chance to know what hit you.

I did find one that is great, but NOONE carries it it seems. I am so excited about this product I am going  to share it with you nonetheless!! 

1)- It is made out of clear plastic, so you can see the betta very well. 
2)- It does not have suction cups, but instead hangs inside the tank, so you know it will never come lose and will last like, forever. 
3)- It has openings so the water flows through so you won't need to fuss with it and change the water inside. 
4)- It has a top cover so you know your betta won't jump out and end up in the tank with all the others! 
5)- What's best is that it is bigger than most betta displays I have found on the market so your betta will still have room to roam. 
6)- AND it is built in such a way that other bettas can swim all around it, so your betta will never feel isolated. He will be stimulated and flare and play with his tank pals. 

I give this product a 5 star!! 

Each display holds one betta and you can hang quite a few in each of your tanks. Move them around, remove them, add them, you are never stuck with any given configuration. Not suitable to hold a sick fish.

Where did I find mine? Direct from the manufacturer, which will not sell to the general public. I used to sell them here but I no longer do. Wait, let me repeat this: I NO LONGER DO. So please don't email me about them. GRRRRR.


(was unable to find them)

 Fry corral

This is a great device! Hangs inside the tank and protects anyone who is placed inside it! Plastic frame will not corrode and poison bettas. Fine mesh will prevent even the smallest fry to escape. Water circulates through it so no need to worry about water changes, the water inside the coral stays clean. Great to protect the smaller of the bunch from turning into their sibling's dinner! 
Note: Not suitable to hold sick fish.



Specimen container

This clear container hangs on the inside of your tank and allows you to keep one betta separated from the rest of the spawn. It is 'watertight' meaning water does not flow through. Hence it is suitable for a sick fish, but you need to remember to do water changes as though it was a jar. Great for bullies, to isolate a sickly betta or to introduce a female in the spawning tank or even to get a depressed betta to snap out of it by placing him in a tank with lots of other bettas :)). I also use it to move fry/bettas from one tank to the other. 


Tank divider

For tanks up to 10 gal. Cut to desired size. Easy to install and removable. Works great for fry that are starting to nip each other. Also useful to keep smaller fry on one side of the fry tank to protect them and give them a better chance to grow. Has tiny holes so water will flow through and still get filtered. 
Drawback: If not installed properly, small fish may sneak under or sometimes might jump over it. (cause bettas are naughty ;) ).


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store price
      Algae Pad scrubber 

How else are you going to keep that nasty looking green or brown algae off your tank's surface? Gotta scrub :)). This is the tool. Cheap so you won't mind replacing it often, which will prevent you from contaminating new spawning tanks.

    3 brush set 

In order to get the goo out of your power filters tubings, you are going to need these flexible round brushes. They go in where no man has gone before LOL. And out comes the goo. A good idea to have one set handy for those tank cleaning chores.

     Slim vacuum cleaner 

Have to have a few of these to clean your fry tanks and other betta tanks. The slim tubing insures that water flow is gentle so fry will not easily be vacuumed. Great to clean out uneaten food at the bottom. Has a self starting feature but I personally prefer to not use it.



Python tank cleaning system (25') 

Attaches to your kitchen faucet and will self start and vacuum your tank's water directly into your sink. No sucking on the tube and swallowing of yucky fish water required LOL.   The junk at the bottom gets vacuumed out effortlessly and you don't even have to haul a single bucket of water! (boy, I LOVE that part!). Then you use the same system to fill your tank back up with tap water and add your conditioners directly into your tank. It's safe, I do it all the time. Doing regular 20% water changes will be a breeze with this system. If you don't already have one, I question your sanity LOL. Drawback: a good way to pass a disease from tank to tank if you are not careful!!
PS: this to the left is NOT me. :)


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store price
Amquel  (approx 7 oz.)

My product of choice when it comes to making tap water safe for bettas. 1 teaspoon per 10 gallon will neutralize all harmful stuff, including Chlorine, Amonia and Chloramines and heavy metals. Must be used in conjunction with Novaqua (below). 

Novaqua  (approx 7 oz.)

My product of choice when it comes to making tap water safe for bettas. 1 teaspoon per 10 gallon will neutralize all harmful stuff, including Chlorine, Amonia and Chloramines and heavy metals. Will also provide a protective slime coat for your betta. Must be used in conjunction with Amquel (above). 

PH Down 

Most of us have hard water and will need to buy PH down bottles, which allow us to lower our PH. Use it every time you prepare water if your tap water PH is high. Use with caution, meaning can't put too much of it in your water , regardless of whether your PH is still high. Why? Cause it's acid, silly. Want to fry your fry? LOL


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store price
Water hardness digital monitor

This is a good gadget in the fishroom. Small, accurate, no messy solutions to mix :). Just fill the small cap with your water and dip the pencil tip in it for 1 second and you'll immediately know what your water hardness is. Very useful when mixing R/O water with regular water. 

PH test Kit   

Easy to use, you will be able to monitor your water's PH so you can match water when doing water changes. 

PH Down 

Most of us have hard water so I thought I should carry the PH down bottles, which allow us to lower our PH. Use it every time you prepare water if your tap water PH is high. Use with caution, meaning can't put too much of it in your water , regardless of whether your PH is still high. Why? Cause it's acid, silly. Want to fry your fry? LOL

Nitrite test Kit 

You have to have one of these to monitor your fry tank's water. Fry tanks have a bad tendency to have high nitrite levels which will kill your fry. You gotta monitor it and this is how.

Amonia test kit 

You have to have one of these to monitor your fry tank's water. Fry tanks have a bad tendency to have high amonia levels which will kill your fry. Amonia comes from uneaten food decaying in water. You gotta monitor it and this is how. Also useful to find out if your conditioners are in deed removing ammonia from your tap water.


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In this section I suggest three possible basic shopping lists for keeping or breeding bettas.


store price
Betta Lover starter kit shopping list

For tanks up to 10 gal. Everything you need to get started with your pet betta.  This kit provides everything else you'll need except for the water LOL and betta :). 

10 gal glass tank (with top and light to house your betta 
Pennplax Mini Corner filter
to keep water clean 
Refill for above
so you will have optimum filtration for many months
Elite 799 airpump to power up the filter
Airline tubing for above set up
Valve so you can control the airflow
1 fluffy plant looks real and will not float even if you have a bare tank (no gravel)
Soft fish net to fish out your betta when needed without hurting it
Amquel & Novaqua to safely treat your tap water and make it betta friendly :)
Freezed Dried foods 1/2 oz of blood worms and 1/2 oz of brine shrimp, for a balanced and varied betta nutrition, free of bacteria and parasites. Enough to feed your betta for the rest of his life!
Bettamax in case of emergency, if he decides one day to get sick on you. 

Breeder starter kit

Want to start breeding but don't know what you need? This is the kit for you. It includes just about everything you will need to spawn and raise the fry.


This Kit includes:

10 gal glass tank (bare) to breed your bettas and raise the fry 
Pennplax Mini Corner filter
to keep fry water clean without hurting fry 
Refill for above
so you will have optimum filtration for 6 months
Elite 799 airpump to power up the filter
Airline tubing for above set up
Valve so you can reduce the airflow to 1 air bubble a second
2 extra bushy plants so your male can't kill your female when spawning. Provides cover for female and will stay at the bottom of a bare tank (no gravel)
Soft fish net to fish out your breeder bettas when the time comes
1 submersible heater 25 W  
1 thermometer to monitor your tank's temperature
Amquel & Novaqua to safely treat your tap water and make it fry friendly :)
Black water extract to soften your tap water and induce spawning
Maroxy to prevent fungus from destroying your betta's eggs!
Bettamax to treat the breeders wounds and torn fins after they are done spawning
1 oz of brine shrimp eggs so you can hatch then and feed your fry as they grow
Freezed Dried foods 1oz of blood worms and 1oz of brine shrimp, for a balanced and varied fry nutrition, free of bacteria and parasites. Easy to crush between your fingers and feed your growing fry (8 weeks and up)
1 vacuum cleaner to clean your fry tank and vacuum uneaten foods before they rot and cause bacterial outbreaks, which can kill fry.

fish store price:


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