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                     11/03/06- It's Friday and in the hotrod world, Friday is synonymous of CRUISING. It 
       simply ain't Friday if you're not taking your cool ride out of the garage and showing it off a
    little (or, in my case, A LOT hehe). Well I guess as far as I go, there are many fridays in each of my weeks. I cruise a lot, usually 3 to 4 days a week. Currently I like cruising on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and of course, Sundays. Sometimes my "cruising" simply consists of errands run in the roadster, like last night for example. Ironically my otherwise unglamorous 8PM "go to Wallmart, Mervyns, Pep Boys and Ralphs" late night turned out to be really fun, for about (and I kid you not) 25 different people gave me thumbs up, rolled down their window to yell "NICE CAR!" or walked up to me to talk about the roadster! Now that's what I call running errands IN STYLE!

But back to Fridays: I especially look forward to Friday nights, cause that's when some of us get together and cruise. This Friday I have been invited (yeyyy) to join a number of older rods! It's a normal day at the office except I drove to work at the wheel of a 1932 Hiboy :) . I take him to work because work is halfway to the cruise locations. He lounges in the parking lot, basking in the morning sun, until it is time to takeoff. Today I am to meet up with my friends all the way up in Eagle Rock so I'd better get an early start. In order to achieve that I decide to skip my lunch break and leave work 30 min earlier. No, no such luck :(( I end up forfeiting my lunch AND working and extra half hour instead GRRR... Now I am HUNGRY and LATE and I'd be in a grouchy mood if it wasn't for the severe endorphin attack my brain sustains every time I drive my Hiboy... Especially today! The weather is SO PERFECT, blue sky, radiant sun, about 78F and it is HARD to believe we are in November! Roadster Blitz immediately sets in and I forget all about my growly, empty stomach...

Oh wait.. I take it back, I am now in Glendale and I am soooo hungry I am about to pass out. At this point, I'd eat anything! And I mean ANYTHING. Unbeknownst to me, my wish is about to be granted LOL! To distract myself from my gastric misery, I pop the Andrew's Sisters in my CD player and it WORKS like a charm! I am cruising down Colorado Blvd, singing along, singing my head off , singing with a wide open mouth, SINGINNNNNG...


When suddenly (you know where this is going, don't you ;)  )...  SPLATTTTTT  !!!!


I just ate a bug!!!!!!!!!!!! No, I'm not kidding I REALLY just ate a bug. It's lifeless little corpse is still plastered onto the back of my throat... And not about to budge... KHOOOOF KOF KOF.... No matter how much I cough, my little winged friend is here to stay. Red as a ripe tomato, I pull into McDonald for emergency flushing of the beast. A small fries and cup of water later I have hit two birds with one stone: the bug is washed down my stomach and I am now digesting it (and consequently, less hungry). Nothing like protein to satisfy a hungry stomach LOL. I arrive in Eagle Rock, a bit late but ever so charming and after shaking hands with everyone (and meeting a few new people), we all head out to LA Speedshop. We drive through downtown Pasadena and soon pull in front of the speed shop, which has just re-opened it's doors after a recent relocation. Free BBQ and beer for everyone there! Good, because one little bug and a few greasy French fries just didn't cut it for me! Haha! An hour later the group splits and Ken and I head back West to grace Bob's Big Boy with our ever so majestic presence :). It is a wonderful night, very hopping, the parking lot is FILLED with cars and people and K Earth 101 is broadcasting live from amidst us. I had a lot of fun there. Many people talked to me about Mr. Hiboy. I am proud to report that TWO separate people that night asked me if I was willing to sell him...

"Name your price" said one man... But HAPPINESS is priceless so I turned his offer down and
Mr. Hiboy and I drove home together that night, more bonded than ever. Cause now he knows I really LOVE him, more so than all the money in the world.








THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY! Here I am leaving work and getting ready to CRUISE TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF!

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